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Vocals of Recent Releases

Roughly a week ago (as of writing this post) on March 20th, two highly-anticipated games were released; Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Doom Eternal. The coinciding release dates and polar opposite themes of these games have spawned several online jokes and memes, including this personal favorite of mine featuring Animal Crossing characters playing "BFG Division"... Continue Reading →

Killing the Signal

In my last post, I showed the chord system I was working on; however, whenever a chord is triggered it will keep playing indefinitely. As a temporary fix until I have learned how to properly implement a more sophisticated system (e.g. envelopes), I have implemented a killswitch system. Toggle switches have been added to the... Continue Reading →

Striking the Right Chord

The next step of developing my chest system patch is to replace the sampled chime with a synthesized chord that can move in pitch in accordance to the "excitement value" inputted. I decided to test this out in a separate patch before incorporating it into my main system. First of all, I created a random... Continue Reading →

Sampling and Pitch Randomization

I have put together a basic version of a trigger-able chest patch using audio samples and pitch randomization. A random number generator is used to simulate an incoming "excitement value" (the values assigned to the in-game items within the chest) ranging from 0-8. A coin sample will play regardless of the excitement value (due to... Continue Reading →


As a part of the lead-up to the newest entry in the DOOM series, DOOM ETERNAL, tracks from the upcoming game have been released in the form of "Soundtrack Trailers", capitalizing on one of the most praised aspects of the series: its soundtrack. Returning to the composer's seat after orchestrating a multi-award winning soundtrack with... Continue Reading →

*Beep Boop*

Recently, I have been considering which platform to use to create my middleware project; and after deliberating, I have decided to go with Max MSP 8, for its vast versatility and Procedural capabilities. As a start, I have downloaded Max and have been practicing some basic implementations around generating tones. (Warning: lower your volume before... Continue Reading →

A Rewarding Idea

Over the course of the week, I have mulled over some ideas as to what I could create for my bespoke middleware project and my strongest idea by relates back to the concept that I explored during my psychology of sound module back in my third year: The idea of varying reward-based sounds that play... Continue Reading →

Nostalgia Blast

Whilst studying today, I decided to listen to some nostalgic soundtracks of games I haven't played in a long while. The following are a few particular tracks that especially evoked some happy gaming memories amongst my studies:   "And so our story begins..."   "Memory is more often a curse than a blessing..."   "It's... Continue Reading →


I have put together a head-tracking binaural audio delivery prototype for the tests I will be running as part of my Master's project. It looks a bit goofy, but a lot of prototypes do!

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