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Administrating, a Necessary Evil.

Righty, one thing I said to myself that I'd do in the new year (after putting it off for a while) is to transfer any accounts linked to my student email address over to a new Starshine Audio email address in order to avoid losing access to everything at the end of my degree. As... Continue Reading →

Fuse Jam #3 Project

Here is footage from the unity project that I collaborated towards creating during Fuse Jam #3. The theme of the Jam was "Maps and Memories" and each team was given a diary entry describing a planet and an item chosen at random from the ones that each jam participant had brought in. The team that... Continue Reading →

Non-Linear Audio Design

This is a walkthrough of the level that I produced for my "Non-Linear Audio" module during my third year of university. I was given the level without any sound, and was tasked with creating and implementing non-linear audio in order to create a narrative. I kept the physical aspects of the level as they were... Continue Reading →

VR Crystal Game

This is a walkthrough of the VR game I created for my "Innovation in Game Sound" module during my third year at university. The main goal of this game is to collect as many crystals as possible before the timer runs out. The player has very limited sight and must use sound localisation (listening to... Continue Reading →

Worlds! Worlds! Worlds!

Today is the day we find out who this year's League of Legends World champions are, and which team gets to lift the coveted "Summoner's Cup"! (Below) My plans for today are to watch the Esports spectacle that is the LCS World Championship Final Match between China's FunPlus Phoenix, and Europe's G2 Esports; which is... Continue Reading →

80’s Horror

This composition was the result of experimenting with trying to create an "80s horror movie" sound. This "sound" was achieved by using basic sounding synths and drum machines, as well keeping the composition itself simplistic but layered. The final version of the track has also gone through a "pseudo-mastering" process to give it a bit... Continue Reading →

Sound Effects Portfolio

Here is a short audio portfolio compiled to showcase some of the one-shot sound effects that I have created during my time at university. These are sounds that have been created using both sound design and foley techniques. Some sounds were also created using sound manipulation and by layering, blending, and retooling existing sounds together... Continue Reading →

Press Y to Honk!

Recently, Untitled Goose Game by House House Games has taken the internet by storm; spawning comedic playthroughs and a plethora of memes (see below). UGG reels you in with its charm even before playing! The tagline alone is enough to inspire endless chaotic possibilities: "It's a lovely morning in the village and you are a... Continue Reading →

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